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What to look for when choosing the best beach towels? We know it’s hard to choose the most suitable beach towel for you and your family, so to have your time saved, we have listed in bullet points as well as a quick Q & A for these features.

  • Quick DryingMicrofiber is not only lightweight and compact, but it also has the bonus of being quick-drying too, which makes this beach gear a perfect all-day companion.

Q & A

Q: How quick microfiber can dry?

A: Microfiber towels can dry up to three times faster than classic towels.

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  • Sand Free – Sand-free beach towels using microfiber, which keeps sand from sticking. With a simple shake, you easily loosen all the sand on the towel and then dry off with a clean fabric.

Q & A

Q: Why sand free towel sand free?

A: Thanks to its fibre nature, Microfiber beach towel has a smoother surface that shakes free of sand easily.


  • Easy to Carry – You will never want to carry a big bulky tote or bag with you, so while choosing a beach towel, aim for smaller, lighter, and space-saving to help you easy to carry the towel anywhere. Especially when you have kids!

Q & A

Q: Can it easily fit in my bag?

A: Yes, Microfiber beach towels are much thinner and lighter than traditional towels, also with our elastic band and waterproof pouch, you can easily roll the towel or fold it nicely into your bag.


  • Absorbant – Thanks to the characteristic of microfiber fabric, microfiber has an excellent talent to absorb water and has a smoother surface that shakes free of sand easily and dries quickly, making it ideal for water-related activities. While getting back from water can be cold and messy, the absorbent ability is also an important feature for a proper beach towel. When a microfiber beach towel can absorb water more than its weight.

Q & A

Q: How much water can a microfiber towel absorb?

A: Microfiber is highly absorbent, it can hold up to seven times its weight in water.


  • Perfect Size – Picking a quick-drying towel long enough to fit your lounge chair or give you room to spread out on the sand can make a world of difference. Large size beach towels fit most occasions, especially when you just want to hit the beach or pool for a quick tanning touch-up or enjoy some me-time in the afternoon. But if you expect to go out for a longer time or accompany your loved ones or your kids, go for Extra Large or Oversized beach towels, with the benefit of microfiber, it is so compact that you can put it in your bag without using up all the space.

Q & A

Q: Is it heavy for an Oversized beach towel?

A: Our oversized towel beach towel only weighs around 500g, Microfiber beach towel weigh. And thanks to the elastic band, you can simply roll and tight our POKI beach towel.


  • Looks Good – Unique print beach towels not only stand out at the pool or beach and also a perfect gift. Whether it’s for your loved ones or your friends, unique print beach towels are both eye-catching and practical.

Q & A

Q: Will the prints come off quick?

A: Prints on the microfiber material will last a long time but like all other towels, eventually, the colour will gently fade out due to the sun.


  • Affordable – Look for options where you get two or four towels in a pack; this way you get the most for your money since you’re essentially buying in bulk. And don’t worry, even though you’re paying less, you don’t have to skimp on coverage or absorbency. Many budget-friendly towels are made with the same microfiber or Turkish cotton you find with other pricey brands, but without the hefty price tag to go with it.

Q & A

Q: How much is average for a good microfiber beach towel?

A: It depends. But a good beach towel can last for a few years or even a decade, so it is worth investing a little more for a nice beach towel that meets all your expectations! Check out our POKI beach towel ( ), we will meet all your expectations and you will be happy with the prices : )



Going outdoor to the beach, lake, pool, or hiking requires little more than a willingness to relax and the best beach towels to keep you dry. The best are super absorbent, dry quickly after you use it, and maybe even show off a little of your taste. There are tons of affordable, fun options to choose from when it comes to this beach gear the hardest part will be where to go or accompany with your perfect beach towel.

After writing this article, I can still feel the sun shining from outside my office window. Gee, I need a nice drink and enjoy a nice warm sunbathing after this full stop ->.