The Right Fabric For Right Occasion

When it comes to beach towels, the most common fabrics you’ll see are cotton, microfiber and terry cloth(You can click on the link, we think the article explained well about Terry Cloth!)Cotton may be the best fabric when it comes to bath towels.

But microfiber may be the all-rounder in 2023 compared with cotton or terry cloth when made for a beach towel.

Here are why:

Perfect Size and Weight

Choosing a beach towel that has the ideal size for you also depends on your needs and preferences.

If you want to spend a day on the beach or pool sunbathing, a large beach towel is perfect for the job.

If you are a parent and need a wider bigger space for your loved one by your side or more space for your belongings while sunbathing, you can go for oversized beach towels.

Although oversized beach towels are generally bigger and wider than large beach towels, compared to the weight itself, it’s only 200g heavier than the large size beach towel.

"A towel that is about 80cm wide and 160 cm long will typically fit the bill."

If you’re much taller or expect more space, an extra-large size might be a better fit.

Let’s check out the POKI towel sizes range together.

beach towel size

From Left: workout, large, extra-large and oversized beach towel

Size is not the only factor while buying a microfiber towel for the beach or other outdoor activities. There are some other aspects you should pay attention to as well.

Absorbent, Quick Drying and Sand Free

Thanks to the characteristic of microfiber fabric, microfiber has an excellent talent to absorb water and has a smoother surface that shakes free of sand easily and dries quickly, making it ideal for water-related activities.

While getting back from water can be cold and messy, the absorbent ability is also an important feature for a proper beach towel.

When a microfiber beach towel can absorb water more than its weight and yet it is so compact that you can put it in your bag without using up all the space.

Microfiber beach towel is much thinner than cotton or terry cloth beach towel, which gives microfiber beach towels an advantage to dry much quicker.

Compact, Ease of Carrying

Compact and lightweight beach towels are much easier to carry around.

While our large microfiber beach towel only weighs approx 305g, which is about the same weight as two oranges, or about 60% lighter than a 10.2″ iPad.

Beach towels size compare with an iPad

Above image: Rolled POKI beach towels alongside with Apple iPad

Sometimes you need something extra to make your day perfect, Tiramisu after the main course, cold beer under a sunny day. When buying a beach towel not only buying “a beach towel”, our beach towel covers more than just a beach towel.

Thoughtful Design

POKI beach towel comes with all the thoughtful details:

Buttons for carrying the towel on your shoulder, so you can free your hands.

Waterproof pouch, so a wet beach towel will not be a problem in your tote.

With an elastic band, POKI beach towel became handy and space-saving in your bag, luggage when roll-up and easy to hang on pegs.

Reflect Your Taste

Going to the beach in summer is nice, but going to the beach in style is the best.

POKI know what you thinking, you don’t want to carry a bulky towel, you don’t want to lie on a dull colour beach towel, we understand that, so all our towels come with a variety of prints/patterns, you can choose the one most reflect your taste and go with style!


When cotton or terry cloth towel is mostly only suitable for pool or beach, microfiber beach towels can be used on different occasions, like picnics, camping or much more places/activities!


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